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We created the world's first low acid coffee filter. Check out our kickstarter page to learn more!

Why brew less acidic coffee?

The Better Coffee Filter reduces the level of acid in your coffee while it brews.

No more heartburn medication just to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Keep your teeth healthy and your dentist happy.

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Does the filter really work?

Don't just take our word for it. See what these coffee lovers had to say about using The Better Coffee Filter.

"The filters worked great - I said send me more!"

- Robert

Mitch, Atlanta, GA

" If you're looking to market this as the exact same coffee for someone, but with less acidity, I think you got it! "

Linda, Atlanta, GA

" Drinking coffee is an activity - an event I enjoy doing with my daughters. So it is a wonderful gift to start drinking coffee again in a healthy way. "

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Why we made The Better Coffee Filter

Coffee is acidic.

Being personally affected by the problems acidic coffee can cause, like heartburn and tooth staining, we set out to find a better way to brew coffee.

Introducing The Better Coffee Filter.

The world's first low acid coffee filter.

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