From making coffee filters by hand, to being named one of Atlanta Innno's "25 under 25" companies, learn more about our team!

Michele Lauto

Growing up around the coffee shops in LA and visiting family in Italy, Michele has been surrounded by coffee his whole life. 

Excited to try and find a way to make this family tradition healthier, Michele was excited to team up with his friends and fellow engineers to find a solution!


Tyler Quill

Being an engineering student at Georgia Tech requires a lot of coffee, making Tyler an avid coffee drinker. 

After a dentist visit and a strong recommendation to reduce his coffee intake to prevent coffee stains, Tyler wondered how he could keep drinking coffee, but keep his teeth healthy . This inspired him to look for a better way to make coffee. 


Aaron Stansell

Aaron began drinking coffee at Georgia Tech and comes from a family of coffee lovers.


When Aaron's GI doctor mentioned cutting back on coffee to help prevent flares of acid reflux, he began looking for a way to keep drinking coffee without painful reflux.

This experience helped inspire our team to create The Better Coffee Filter.


Luke Votaw

Being passionate about fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle, Luke has always looked for ways to improve his well-being. Coupled with his grandfather's acid reflux and love for coffee, Luke was motivated to help solve this problem. 

Luke turned these classmates into friends and then business partners, seeing their passions for solving the problem of acidic coffee. 

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